I am twenty-something girl living in the heart of the Home Counties, United Kingdom. I live with my wonderful guy and my adorable cat, the two don’t always see eye to eye but they both know if they want to keep me they have to be nice to each other!

One word people use to describe me is a geek, a techy one at that! It’s true, ask me about computer things and you’ll regret it! But I’m proud, I’m proud that I have a passion, that I have something unique, some people think of geek as a derogatory term. I used to think it was too, but now, now I wear my nickname with pride!

By day I am systems and data analyst, a twenty-something girl working in an office full of techy guys, I give as good as I get, I have to! When I’m not staring at a computer screen though you’ll find me in my craft room putting together scrapbooks and documenting my memories.

This blog is somewhere for me to document my highs and lows, my discoveries through life and the challenges I face. It will be somewhere to share my memory documentation as well as my albums grow.

I hope it helps just one person out there to feel better about themself. I love feedback and comments, they make me happy so feel free to get in touch, even if it’s just to say “hello”.


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