A new member of the family

Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter would have seen that I have been unashamedly spamming you all with photos of our new family member. This little bundle of fur is Fifi, who came to live with us a month ago after being rescued from living as a stray. She is a moggie who we think is around 2 years old, although it’s a bit of guess work!


She came to us a timid, scared but affectionate girl but over the last month has grown in confidence and has found her voice (sometimes at 5am in the morning!). She loved snuggles and will nuzzle you if she doesn’t think you’re paying her enough attention. She much prefers to be down low than up high and spent the first few days curled up under the kitchen cabinet or hiding behind the sofa.

She has these crazy half hours where she runs from one end of the house upstairs to the other end of the house downstairs, often colliding with closed doors or taking out anything (or anyone) in her path. She eventually wears herself out though and then settles down on my lap and we both have a little snooze on the sofa, as she dreams she twitches and shakes her paws.


After not having a cat for two years I am so pleased to welcome a cat back into our family and into our new house. She brightens up my days and makes me laugh when things are tough, I can’t wait to see what adventures she gets herself into! Expect to see a lot more of Fifi both here and in my Project Life pages.