2016 Plans

2015 was a big year for me, I made some pretty big decisions and I changed a lot of things up, they worked really well for me. I also kept a lot of things the same in 2015 and they worked well as well. I’m working on my plan for 2016 and wanted to share it all with you. I have three main areas that I’m planning for 2016, my planning system, my One Little Word and my Project Life.

Planning System

This year I spent a lot of time researching the bullet journal amongst other things. It resonated with me and wasn’t far of how I had adapted Getting Things Done to work for me. At work we have to use a system to log all our tasks and this meant that I found the GTD system difficult as I was duplicating work. The bullet journal seemed like the obvious answer to me. I’ve been using it for nearly three months and I am loving it. It’s the perfect blend between productivity and creative outlet that I need in my daily life.

In 2016 I’m going to continue with my bullet journal and I’m adding some bits in, I follow some awesome ladies on social media who inspire me to make it work, for me. I am continually adapting my journal and it is really helping me to keep track of my tasks, goals, notes and helping me be more productive, both at work and at home.

One Little Word

My One Little Word in 2015 was FOCUS and although I didn’t complete all the assignments set by Ali I did take some time each month to reflect on my word and work out some monthly goals around my word. Focus served me really well and a lot of the changes I made were because of this word.

In 2016 I am moving away from focus and into STORY. I want to spend 2016 telling my story, working out where my story will take me and to be best the best story teller of my life that I can be. I have signed up for Ali’s class and I am aiming to complete all the assignments. I’ll be documenting my progress with my word over the year here on my blog.

Project Life

I started 2015 using a 6×8 album for my project life system. This was working well but as I got further into the year I started falling behind and found the time factor in creating physical pages was bringing me down. I swapped up mid year to using the Project Life App but still going with 6×8 and this worked so much better for me. It meant that I could create pages on the go and I always had it at my fingertips.

In 2016 I am going to continue with using the Project Life App but I am moving away from 6×8 and instead I’m going with 9×12. This is proving difficult as the app doesn’t include many (only 1) 9×12 templates so I am having to improvise. I’m taking the 12×12 templates but only using 9inches of the template, therefore leaving one column free and cropping it out to form a 9×12 page.

I’m looking forward to what 2016 will bring and documenting my story along the way.